StarCraft 2 Blizzard World Championship Series

Redflag Lanfest is excited to announce that, in conjunction with Australian Cyber League, and Blizzard ANZ, we will be offering a seed into the Blizzard National event in August for the Blizzard World Championship Series for 2012.


The seed will be offered as part of the StarCraft 2 tournament that takes place at RFLAN 40, on the 14-15th of July, 2012 (This upcoming event). All attendees of RFLAN 40 are invited to participate for their chance to qualify for the Blizzard Nationals, in August.



The qualifier will be run as a Best of 3 Double Elimination. The Winners Bracket Finals and Losers Bracket Finals will both be Best of 5, and the Grand Finals will be Best of 7.

This format may change closer to the event

Map Pool

  • WCS_Daybreak LE: Neutral Supply Depots at Main Ramps
  • WCS_Ohana LE: Neutral Supply Depots at Main Ramps
  • WCS_CloudKingdom LE: Neutral Supply Depots at Main Ramps
  • WCS_EntombedValley: Neutral Supply Depots at Main Ramps; No top + top or bottom + bottom spawns.
  • WCS_AntigaShipyard: Neutral Supply Depots at Main Ramps; Cross-Positions Only
  • Tal'darim Altar LE: No Change
  • WCS_ShakurasPlateau: No close by ground spawns

The map list may change closer to the event.


In order to compete in the event, players are required to have a Major League Gaming user account, as we will be using the Major League Gaming Starcraft 2 Arena. In order to make the process as smooth as possible, be sure to have registered your MLG account before the event.

  • Players must play the race they sign up to the tournament with. Races can not be switched during the tournament, and will be enforced by the tournament software.
  • There will be a very low tolerance on players delaying their games. We need to keep to a schedule, and as such it is highly important that players complete their games as quickly as possible.
  • No substituting players. Only the registered player in the tournament may play their respective matches.
  • You must be at the venue in order to compete. This will be Curtin Stadium, in Bentley.
  • The region will be South-East Asia (SEA)
  • You must have a legitimate copy of StarCraft 2 linked to a account.
  • Maps will be chosen at random by the tournament software, after which maps will be chosen by the loser.
  • You must play on the maps assigned for you to play on.
  • Event Admins may request to observe any match.
  • If requested by an event admin, players will be required to play their games on the stage. Both the Winners Bracket Finals and Losers Bracket Finals, as well as the Grand Finals, must be played on the stage.
  • If a dispute arrises, decisions of the Event Admins will be final.
  • If there is a loss of connectivity during a match, a win will only be rewarded to a player if it is determined by an Event Admin that the players opponent had no chance of winning. No discussion will be entered into regarding these decisions. 

These rules are subject to change. If you have any suggestions, please post on our forums.


      • First Place will be offered a seed to the Blizzard Nationals for the World Championship Series.
      • Second Place: $200
      • Third Place: $100

      Flights and accomodation to the Blizzard Nationals will be provided by Blizzard.
      Cash prizes are provided by Redflag Lanfest.


      The Blizzard Nationals will be hosted by Australian Cyber League.
      More accurate information will be released closer to the event.


      August, 2012


      Sydney, Australia

      Prize Pool

      Yet to be determined


      16 players.

      Final Slots

      4 players from the Nationals will progress to the Oceania Finals.

          Next Event

          Date: April 11-12 2015
          Time: 9:00am Saturday - 9:00am Sunday
          Venue: Curtin Stadium,
          Kent St Bentley WA
          Cost: $50